Dave, Thank You! We tried to obtain a Pizza Franchise and went thru the funding process to no avail. After weeks of going thru the process we were declined and they finally referred us to your company. YOU DID IT! You were able to secure the funding we needed and we are on our way to opening our franchise a dream come true. Thanks again….

Chris H.  
“I was opening a new business and needed a complete Business and Marketing plan to accompany my Intent to Lease before the landlord would enter into a lease. I entered into an agreement with Accessible Business to prepare a complete Business and Marketing Plan to include 2 years of projections and cash flow, analysis, proforma Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss for 2 years. The landlord, having been in the same industry for 30 years was thoroughly impressed by indicating that all the projections, analysis and write-up were done very professionally and accurately. Obviously, we were able to secure the lease and open the business because of the Business Plan. We continued to engage Accessible Business as our consultant for further advice and guidance.”

  “My company has been working with Accessible for a few years now and has found them to be extremely knowledgeable, professional and easy to communicate with. Over the past few years they have been able to obtain working capital in the amount of $500,000 and most recently $4,500,000 to acquire a competitive business. We had been turned down by our bank and other sources indicating that we were not eligible under their underwriting guidelines. I highly recommend Accessible to any business that is seeking capital to expand or acquire another company”


Michael and I appreciate all that you did for us. You amazed me how quickly you put together that business plan. I know it was a little tough getting our loan through, Michael said he had all the paperwork and so sorry he didn’t. Your patience was the key to this loan being approved because i would have just walked away I was so embarrassed about what we promised to give you and all the documents we didn’t have.

You did a fantastic job and earned every penny we paid you. We are doing great and the store is now completely remodeled, all new equipment and upgrades. Last month we had our best month ever and that happened because you believed in us and hung in when I said the stress is just to much.

I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Michael still shakes his head when I mention your name and just says, “That man is made of steel”. You did it for us and we are very grateful.

Sincerely Paula and Michael  
  Dear Dave,

We were referred to Dave and Accessible Business by my neighbor who said David got him a business loan 2 years ago and he knew what he was doing.

Thought I would give it a try, my bank offered me less than half of what I applied for. I spoke to Dave he had me send my documents and said I will get back to you. The next day he said send me a retainer and when do I want the money. That fast, that simple and it was cheap the amount I paid him for this.

These kind of things happen to other people and not me. But I will be dammed less than a week later I was at his office and signing documents. 4 days after that I had $775K in my business account. For real.

You need a business loan kiss the bank good bye, Dave got me a great rate, longer terms than I expected and shook my hand and said if I need more just let him know. (And send my friends, which I will and already did)

Thank God for small miracles and Dave Turkin.

Robert C.  

I am a get to the point kind of person and I am grateful you were too. I am happy and feel privileged that you would ask me to share my experience with you and anybody looking at your website.

I came to Dave from a video I saw on Google. It said business loans and a few other things, I never follow up with that kind of stuff but this time I was so in need of a business loan that I said I would give it a shot. My own bank turned me down after doing business with them for over 14 years.

I needed approximately $4 million to open 2 locations. My own bank who sees how much income we receive yearly said my financials do not meet the requirements for the bank to loan that sum of money. (Note to self: End bank relationship) and I did.

Looked online and found Accessible Business, called Dave Turkin told him my situation and he said send me what you have. I did just that, the next day Dave called me back and said I have a lender that will buy this loan in a minute. Dave didn’t want a percentage like others have said in the past, he told me his fees I said lets go and 21 days later I was funded the amount I wanted. Dave said if I need additional funds that will not be a problem. I was pleased and amazed.

Dave Turkin is the kind of professional we business people always hope to find. I would suggest to anyone to use Accessible Business and Dave Turkin if you need funding and want the job done.

Thank You,

Kelly R. JD  
  Dear Dave,

When my husband suggested we speak to a business consultant about helping our son with his business I didn’t think is was a very good idea (I must admit). We have been helping him and his company has been growing. Our son Michael always wanted it to go faster but we knew it was doing just fine. He is an expert at building websites and the more he does the more he will grow.

When he landed this huge client we were a bit lost? He was going to have to hire more employee’s and get bigger offices and well you know the drill. We congratulated him on closing the deal but also told him he was better off growing at a steady pace and to be honest we did not have the money to do all he had to do to complete this new contract. We are just silent partners but understand if you grow to fast it can be an issue. Dan said we have to help him and we found you through a friend. I owe that friend big time and so does my son! This may not be very business-like but you are God-Sent.

This testimonial comes from all of use at the Raymond family. You quickly arranged a business loan for $815,000.00 and did it without any pain or problem. You are amazing and we are extremely grateful. It has been 9 months since the loan, the new client is very pleased with Michael’s work and the performance of his company. We already have that loan half way paid off almost 3 years early. All this happened because we came to you and you said I will handle it. AND YOU DID.

To anyone reading this testimonial our experience with Dave Turkin and Accessible Business was top notch. His knowledge about business and all the documents required to present a great loan package made this entire process literally painless. You are a professional to the full definition of the word. Thank you again from all of us. Next time you are in the windy city just call and we will do dinner at Gibson’s (the best steak in Chicago and it is on us).


Bobbie R.  
  “Accessible Business is the provider of business consulting and accounting in USA for those who need to design a business and marketing plan with accounting records, cash flow analysis and others. Their business training service is quite enjoyable and helpful for business development.” – Anonymous  
  “Dave was referred to me by a very trusted friend. He has been instrumental in financially rescuing my solo private practice dermatology office after the Recession. He really showed interest in me and my practice’s day-to-day operations.Dave also proposed several ideas to boost my patient volume, including adding nursing home visits. lectures and advertising to produce more patients.Dave is truly the maven of business management. I recommend him most enthusiastically as a pleasant gentleman of utmost trust, integrity, and superb judgment.” – Dr. Ed  
  “I contracted with Accessible Business a little over a year ago to help my company increase sales. We have been in business for 26 years and have reached a plateau in the past five years. We entered into an agreement whereby Accessible Business would review all aspects of the business from sales, to customer service to employee benefits and incentives to bottom line profits. I am happy to report that during the contracted period of one year, sales were increased by 18.2%, profits increased and employees seem to be more enthusiastic about their incentives.” – Don H.  
  “After a full year of searching (without success) for 30 million dollars to build a brand new real estate project in the Caribbean, I was introduced to Dave at Accessible. Initially I didn’t like everything he said, but he definitely knows his business and he has some impressive connections… He has located the money for this project and has presented us with options. He definitely gets the job done.” – Victor F.  
  “Our company needed help. We had one huge customer that went out of business and it almost took us with them. I was very hesitant to engage with a company I found online, but now I’m glad I did engage. Dave at Accessible Business has put our company on recovery to financial stability. Our business is growing faster than ever again, and I am pleased to say we are still currently working with Dave and we look forward to working with Accessible Business in the future.” – Cliff H.  
  “Accessible Business demonstrates extreme professionalism and expertise in regards to my consulting needs. They constantly go above and beyond to service my needs and work hard to get the job done. Accessible Business has set the standard for quality and service when considering my business needs. I highly recommend Accessible Business and would use them again.” – Michael O.  
  Dave, I would like to apologize for not sending you a thank you sooner since you pulled off that magic trick and got us that business loan. First of all Thank You, Thank You and once again Thank you. My friend Thomas who you helped told me I should speak to you after he saw what I went through with my bank, frankly I was sure my company was lost and I lost hope. After you and I met and you said it is possible but it will be tough I was not sure to smile or cry. Tough and impossible seemed to go hand in hand with my bank and what the SBA said and ultimately after 7 months of going back and fourth with documents and forms and so much more both of them they still said no. What you did for my company, my wife and I was a true saving grace. I was amazed with what you did to our initial loan package. I felt a bit silly because my accountant and I just didn’t know my true net worth was really that strong and using your talents you were able to show your lenders how I could repay this loan and service the debt within 5 years. We have been able to save our clients and are back on track to actually grow our company. We are very grateful for your assistance and I will refer you without question to anyone I know that needs a business loan and a magician. – Corey L.  
  “I have owned my own electrical company for years. June of 2012 normally my busiest month of the year I was surprised when the calls started slowing down. I realized over the past few months that things were slowing down, my phone was ringing less and less. I saw a video on Google of a company that said they do business coaching and will review my business and help to find issues effecting my company’s growth. I contacted Accessible Business and Dave was able to show me how to turn my company around! I mean seriously, he was really fair with his fees and said he would help me to identify what we were doing wrong and if it didn’t help us to get back on track he would work with me on the fees. In a short amount of time he was able to see what we were doing that we needed to change. Within that month I noticed a change and within two I was back to where I should be if not a better! I would definitely recommend you as the best company I know to help a business get back on track.” – Laura M.  
  “My bank refusing to give me a loan for my business has been a blessing in disguise. The bank I have been dealing with for years refused my proposal for 1.6 Million loan because I couldn’t prove a big enough income. Pretty sad if you ask me BUT it lead me to Dave who changed everything and managed to get me the money I needed quickly by helping me with the correct loan package that showed just how profitable my company will be in 5 years with this loan! I was so impressed with Dave and the quality of work he puts in. This 5 year plan was far more than I expected. I highly recommend Dave for your services too. – Greg A.  
  I have had the privilege of working with Dave for nearly a year now on various projects. You can’t have a better individual in your corner when it comes to finding the capital your company needs. Dave is a trust worthy, hard working individual that will give you his all! He is very knowledgeable and can help you get to the next level! He will always be my go to guy when it comes to finding capital! – Jeff E.  
  “I wanted to drop you a line thanking you for all the hard work you did on my company’s behalf. 2015 had the potential of being banner year for our company and as I am sure you know the real estate market is in a very unique place with low interest rates and the market really tightening up now is the time to capitalize on the opportunities.

Unfortunately we were property rich and cash poor, we watched the deals come past our desk and many of them we could have made a substantial profit and a quick turn around but we didn’t have the funds to cover our end of the down stroke to make the loans fit with our banks’ lending policies. Helping us secure nearly four million dollars was not an easy feat based on our debt ratio when you added up our debt service on all the properties. Our banker looked us right in the eye and said you are great customers and we love you here at City National but you just don’t qualify. We run millions of dollars yearly through that banking system and we just don’t quality, amazing!

My friend referred me to you and told me what you were able to do for him and he lied to me, he said you were really good at what you do securing private money. You are not really good you are Great! I sincerely want to thank you for how quickly you put this all together for our company, your professional and competent business acumen was a breath of fresh air. This is going to be a great 2015 and we will definitely have the best year yet thanks to you. I highly recommend you to anyone who needs a business loan or some solid business advice. Please know you are appreciated.” – Roger A.  
  “I have been working with Dave Turkin for the better part of a year and without a doubt he is the best and hardest working individual I know. His dedication to the task and business savvy is top notch and has a dedication beyond all others. His knowledge is impeccable regarding financing business acquisitions and refinancing business debt. He has numerous high quality sources to draw from depending on your type of financing needs. My particular deal was more difficult than most, yet Dave kept moving forward and tirelessly called on his sources. In the end we obtained several high quality term sheets from which to decide the best option for my needs. Without Dave’s expertise I would have never been able to cultivate the quality sources to fund my acquisition. I look forward to working with Dave on future acquisitions and refinancing current loans to cheaper debt.” – Scott G  
  “I appreciate this opportunity to recommend you to other businesses after what you were able to do for my company. It is not easy to think we don’t know everything about our business but I did not. I knew we had more potential for growth and definitely income. Your review and assistance made the difference. When my accountant gave me my 2013 tax returns for my signature and my income was up 23% I knew Accessible Business was the right decision. Thank you for helping me to reconstruct my company, find the areas stunting my growth and so graciously assisting to highlight the real money making departments. Your yearly review is now a highlight in my business growth. Please keep finding my mistakes, I am now OK with that. Seriously Dave, your help has been invaluable.” – Martin M.  
  “I wanted to drop you a little personal note to say thank you for assisting my client with her business and securing that line of credit she needed to get her business back on track.

Being a Lawyer it is not often I refer any of my clients to someone who I am not familiar with or have not done business in the past. My partner here at the firm said you are the person we like to use when it comes to assisting with our clients for financial and business recommendations. I understand why, my client was very happy with your professional demeanor and business etiquette and the line of credit above what she was seeking rang well with her too.

Thank you again for assisting her with some of the business issues she had to overcome and securing that line of credit. I look forward to working with you again. -Esther P.  
  “It has been a while since we spoke but I wanted to update you on our business. Our candy store is booming and as you know this would have never been possible without you securing that loan. We made it and you are part of our success story. I just had to let you know we are going to open store 2 down by the beach. June and I are very excited and I think we will be able to do it this time without borrowing any money. Business is that good. Just wanted to let you know we are thinking about you almost 2 years later. I am more than happy to tell everyone how great you were. June and I appreciate you.” – Ken  
  “Dave I could just not stay away. One big cheer for Accessible Business, you and your team are great. I am grateful you asked me to share about our business dealing. For those of you who are looking for business financing or like me a business and marketing plan then Dave is the man. Seriously, he did such a great job the first time in 2008 securing almost $4 million for us to buy our second Commercial Bakery that he was the only guy I would come back to if I needed more business assistance. This time my friend you really created the perfect business plan and the bank thought your projections were right on the mark. I am beginning to feel like family with you and everyone needs a family member in the money business. You are the best and you need to know you are appreciated often. This time we had the credit and the security but just didn’t know how to put it all together in a neat package for the bank and Dave did and our loan just flew through for 3 more stores.

You are the best and I want everyone to know that. If you need to get your business off the ground or on the super highway, just call Dave at Accessible. That’s what I do.” – Gary S.  
  “Dave has become a strategic partner in growing my businesses. I would recommend him to anyone. He is an absolute pro.” – Chuck W.  
  My husband says thank you very much and he owes you an apology. I did laugh when he just told me that, if you remember when we first came to you to assist with that business plan and my husband thought you were arrogant and a bit of a pushy whatever. Our friend and accountant helped us to put together a loan package and as you know the bank and the private lenders all said no. When you told Steve you have to do it your way or the highway he was mad to say the least and he thought you are all those not nice names.

Today he sings your phrases and understands why you were so pushy, like he said because you get business done. He asks me to tell you now you can call him an arrogant ass any time you like as he deserves it lol.

We both appreciate what you did to help us. You are exactly what you advertised and better. Today you are a well-respected name in our household. Our invitation is always open, the next time you are in Denver dinner at Jamison’s, by far the best steak house in the city.
– Barbara and Steven S.