Our Expertise


We can prepare a complete business analysis of your business and develop the proper accounting procedures that will enhance operations, streamline expenses and improve profitability and cash flow. more

Business Coaching Services

Finding the right Business Coaching professional increases your chance of success dramatically. Business Coaching is about preparing you for your business now and for the future. more

Business Consulting Services

Our business consulting services range from the most basic strategic planning to the most overwhelming jobs, such as a complete business overhaul or reconstruction. We are confident that we can provide you with the most professional, most knowledgeable, most experienced, and most worthwhile business consulting service on the planet! more

Business Overhaul and Reconstruction

If your business is slower than normal, perhaps it is time for a complete evaluation overhaul and reconstruction of your business processes, policies and procedures. This means taking the time to evaluate your business in order to determine if you’re using your assets, automation and technology to the fullest. more

Business Plans

Business Plans are a means to achieving aggressive goals, establishing policies and procedures, developing a cohesive model that covers every aspect of the business from the kitchen to the front of the house. more

Business Troubleshooting

Business Troubleshooting is accomplished by utilizing skills that have been developed over many years of experience with proven results. To correct any business problem requires the ability to identify the problem, determine its cause and develop solutions that eliminate the problem. more

Cash Flow Analysis

Cash flow analysis will enable your business to track cash as it flows in and out of your business and reveals to you the causes of both cash flow shortfalls and surpluses. We are experts at cash flow analysis, either as a single function or as part of a larger engagement. more

Employee Manual and Handbook Writing

Employee Manual & Handbook writing is key to many successful business ventures. But writing business and marketing plans, employee manuals & handbooks, and company policies and procedures can be a daunting task. At Accessible Business we have the professionals you need to assist in the design of these important documents. more

Human Resources Consulting

Human resource management is a vital part of your business’ success. Accessible Business has helped improve the strength and vitality of many businesses through our human resources consulting and payroll services. more

Management Structuring

Our experienced business management consultants will work with you to help define your company’s needs, offering suggestions and expert advice that could lead to a noticeable increase in both productivity and profitability. more

Marketing Plans

Marketing plans are all about letting people know about the product and services you offer and persuading them to buy them or to use them. To effectively market your business you need to come up with not only a marketing plan, but a marketing strategy. more

Preparation of Loan Presentation

Accessible Business was founded in 1976 to help businesses improve operations, increase sales and profitability and assist in presenting the proper presentations to help get business loan financing through traditional lenders, investors, secondary lenders, venture capital companies and investment groups when traditional bank loans are not an option. more

Private Placement Memorandums (PPM)

The primary purpose of a PPM is to give the entrepreneur the opportunity to present all potential risks to the investor. The PPM protects the entrepreneur in the event that the investment goes sour! more

Projections and Forecasts

The heart of any successful business plan and/or strategic plan is the forecast or projection. A forecast or projection is similar to the historical data of a business with one key difference: forecasts and projections are prospective, they are for the future. more

Business Plan Development

Business Plan Development is our expertise. If you’ve realized that you need professional and experienced assistance to help your company succeed, then let our business plan consultants help make your dream a reality. more

Strategic Plans

Strategic Plans can help assure the financial success of your business with Accessible Business strategic business planning strategies. Because of our expert consultant’s strategic business planning, many businesses like yours have increased in both productivity and profitability. more