Business Financing

What chance do you have of getting funded?

You have the same chance as anyone else if your plan has the right people presenting it and they play by the rules.

So, who are the “right people” and what are the rules?

The right people are those who know how this process works. No one has ever given hundreds of thousands or millions to someone they never heard of or never met. If you got a team that has experience, networks and has contacts or has access to people on the inside … you can play. But if you don’t your chances of getting funding from anyone on your own are slim to none or never.

As for the rules, they’re very simple: Have a team that knows both the business side of your industry and knows how to present it. When talking to a lender or investor they want to know the genre, who is the management team, how much is needed and for what purposes, what financial instruments do you have in place to protect their investment and how much profit will they make.

If you don’t know the right people nor have a team what can they do?

If you don’t have a team or the right people consider signing with a professional that has a team in place. There are professionals and companies you may be able to retain to assist you.

News flash … they’re not going to do this for free. But whatever you do, don’t retain just anybody to help you. There are a lot of good people in this industry that can do what they say.

I recognize hiring a professional has it challenges, the biggest one is getting the right people to help you. But I know for a fact it can be done, because we have funded many of those projects!

What if they don’t have a team and does not want to retain someone to help them, what other options can they pursue for finding a lender or an investor?

So, you’re asking for hundreds of thousands or millions but don’t want to follow the rules. So why should a lender or investor give you money? Listen, years ago you could have gone direct to a lender or an investment group and someone would have looked at your project. Fast forward to today, you can’t even get past the operator.

This is big business! You can’t even rob a bank and get the money people are asking for these days. High risk and high rewards are out there for those who want to play. Nothing is easy and that’s even if they have some serious people helping them! But if you don’t follow the process chances are the challenges will be even greater.

Do most lenders or investors think like me? Yes they do but those that don’t, tend to lose a lot of money. Nearly every lender or investor makes their decision based on a variety of factors that is specific to what they’re looking for. Of course they tend to listen to a professional that they know and trust to help them evaluate the request for funding.

If your ready to let us help please give me a call.

What Type of Funding do you need?

  • Buy an existing Business
  • Start a new Business
  • Purchase a Franchise
  • Expand my existing Business
  • Business Working Capital
  • Equipment Financing
  • Accounts Receivable Financing
  • Inventory Financing
We can provide a customized funding package to meet your needs!

How May We Reach You?

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