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Accessible Business is a full service consulting firm specializing in assisting businesses. Whether you need to design a business and marketing plan, prepare your accounting records, cash flow analysis, or just need a fresh pair of eyes for troubleshooting, Accessible Business can prepare your company for the present and the future.


“A Gentleman of utmost trust, integrity and superb judgment”-Dr. Ed

“Has set the standard for quality and service when considering my business needs”-Michael O.

“You really created the perfect business plan and the bank thought your projections were right on the mark”-Gary S.

“His knowledge is impeccable regarding financing, business acquisitions and refinancing business debt”-Scott G.

“We made it and you are part of our success story”-Ken G.

“You are the person we like to use when it comes to assisting with our clients for financial and business recommendations”-Esther P.

“My friend lied to me, he said you were good at what you do. You are not really good, you are great” - Roger A.

“You can’t have a better individual in your corner when it comes to finding the capital your company needs”-Jeff E.